Gemmed Satyr Cyllopsis gemma

Fairly plain except for the flair of silver and spotting on the hindwing. This character is not always seen in flight. Distinctive in the east. Several related species in the west. Always a less common satyr than the Carolina and the Little Wood-Satyr but can be dominant in some woodland areas. I have never seen an abundance. Often flies and flies until you cannot stand to stay any longer to see what species it is. Frequently cocks its wing surface toward the sunlight when it finally settles down in just that perfect patch of sunlight it was looking for.

Paler version, still with gems. The zigging and zagging of the lines seems pretty variable.

Nabokov's Satyr Cyllopsis pyracmon

Yes, that Nabokov. He was quite a butterfly scientist. This is a southwestern species. This one was in the mountains of southeast Arizona along a wooded creek. Flight similar to the Gemmed. Does not overlap in range with the Gemmed Satyr.