There are over 150 butterfly species that occur in Arkansas, though only about 130 or so complete their full life cycle in the state. The others are vagrants or wanderers and are only rarely seen here. The photos included below are not inclusive of all the species in the state. For a full list of the species in Arkansas and their host plant and seasonal information see the link to the .pdf file below at Checklist. A few of the species pictured in links below are from Florida or Texas or Arizona. This is stated at the individual photo pages.

Butterflies are the insects that I first started shooting with the macro camera. They are, in fact, the reason I purchased the camera to begin with. Dragonflies followed. And then robber flies. Presently I have been working on the Salticids (jumping spiders) of Arkansas. As well as Syrphid, Bombylid and Tachinid flies. I always shoot the Sphecid or hunting wasps and Pompilid wasps. The shots are linked by groupings below. Information about the specific butterfly is included with the shot where appropriate. Some pages include more than one photo. Scroll down in the photo windows.

Click here for some Central American butterfly photos from trips to Costa Rica, Belize and Panama. And here for the Central American lists in progress. And a newer North American butterfly page with images.

And now linked here is Norm Laver's Butterflies of Arkansas: A Photographic Guide. Norm has amassed quite the photo array and has quite a few helpful ID hints and pointers. 






Sulphurs and Whites

Hairstreaks, Coppers and Blues



True Brushfoots

Satyrs and Pearly-eyes

Monarchs and Queens