One of the most commonly encountered spiders. This is a member of the Theridiidae and it is known appropriately as the Common House Spider, Achaearanea tepidariorum. Often found in the corner of garages, under boards and stones, around bridges. This is the spider that makes the tangled disordered web that is much like the Black Widow Web. Widows are also in this family. That is the egg sack nearby which this spider usually hangs out near. The upside down posture in her web is normal.


And this is an Argyrodes walking across the deceased queen of the web an Argiope. This genus of spiders is commensal and share the web and prey with larger species such as Argiope and Gastreracantha, less often Black Widows or Funnel web species. Sometimes more than one individual and even more than one species of these commensals can be found in a single web. They often feed on smaller catches in the web that are not even noticed by the webmaking hosts. But likely they will feed on anything they can. There are about 13 species in the US.

And another Argyrodes on a fine Araneus host, trying to look inconspicuous.