This is Maevia inclemens, the only member of this genus likely in Arkansas. Those multiple red chevrons are fairly distinctive. Note the non-Phid foreleg which lacks the tufted comb on the inside of the tibia.

This is another female Maevia. It has something in its fangs but I have no idea what it was. Nice rock pose though.

Honestly, I have a hard time believing this is the same species. But apparently, with my present knowledge, it is. Much larger and brighter female from Magazine Mountain with a spider kill.

This is a dark form male from Sharp county. It was in true woods near a creek and making fast ground over the plantlife

The male Maevia which is staggeringly unlike the female. There is another form of the male which resembles the above female more closely. I don't know the percentage occurrence of each. I get the idea that this is the common form.

Male Maevia, pale form.

My feeling is that this is a Habrocestum female. We have two species. This may be H. pulex. It was moving over the downed logs in the Petit Jean woods. I have not seen another.