Kaston Wolf Scans

These Lycosid drawings are from the out-of-print but still classic How to Know the Spiders by B. J. Kaston. The book is worth getting in any edition for the excellent drawings and the antiquated but still useful keys that are included. The drawings, which I believe were drawn by Kaston himself, are helpful for sorting some close coloration patterns. New genera are shown from the old Kaston classification.

Allocosa funerea

Arctosa littoralis

Arctosa rubicunda

Gladicosa gulosa

Hogna antelucana

Hogna frondicola

Hogna helluo

Hogna lenta

Pardosa distincta

Pardosa lapidicina

Pardosa milvina

Pardosa ramulosa

Pardosa saxatilis

Rabidosa punctulata

Rabidosa rabida

Schizocosa avida

Schizocosa bilineata

Schizocosa crassipes

Trochosa terricola