Green Lynx Spider Peucetia viridans

Another Lynx as in the opening picture. This one has an unhatched egg capsule beneath her and a large flower fly in her fangs. The Lynx is highly distinctive. This one is shown on its favorite flower genus, the Goldenrod, Solidago.

The Lynx also comes in this alternate color. Not clear to me whether they can change coloration or whether they are born either green or reddish. This one is caretaking a magnum-sized egg capsule on a fine Liatris stalk.

A shot from Eric. This appears to be the cocked and ready position.

A really fine pairing with a captured Long-tailed Skipper in Florida. Note this female is thin enough that she must have a nearby capsule of young or has not bred yet. See the pregnant female size below.

A pregnant female to compare with the slimmed down versions above. She has not dropped her eggs or prepared her capsule. Sky background on a tall Goldenrod stem.

A female Lynx with bee on Passion Flower. Who can resist taking the shot.

And the larger moth meal of a hummingbird moth at Camp in 2011. These spiders love a good Liatris stalk for a lure. And it is highly effective with excellent central stalk camouflage with the spider body.

The cousins of the Green Lynx are the Oxyopes species. Norm thinks this is O. salticus. We have about 7 or 8 species here (at least) and there are 10 or 12 in the US. Note the similar leg spines. This one was very active in a grassy area.

Different, more iridescent member of the group from the prairie areas in Franklin county. And Norm thinks this is the male of the above O. salticus.