Misumenoides formosipes. One of the two widespread and large flower spiders. They are actually members of the Crab Spider group which has two families in our area (the ambushers and the runners). The other large showy species locally is Misumena vatia. It has a different head carapace shape and lacks the two middle rows of markings down the dorsal abdomen. Both are apparently capable of changing colors to adapt to the flower they are inhabiting. This one may be, well, colorblind. But they are rather wicked looking. This one looks like a large tick dangling from this fall Liatris bloom. Pity the skipper who wayward comes.

Has a face out of Japanese Anime'. Or something like that. I have never seen a male but they are much smaller and have dark legs. They retain the greenish head and have a similar greenish abdomen. In photos they do not look like the same species as these big females.


The male. Norm found him. Or, more likely, Cheryl found him and Norm took credit for it. Check out those excellent black legs. They look like they are coiled for launch.  

The pale color form. The red markings are likely visible warnings to birds but are not visible to most insect prey with their modified color vision.

This one from Camp in September is even paler. Note it still has the red sidewall streaks. And the green and white thorax pattern. This one was sheltered in a Eupatorium stalk.

A Norm shot. And it may be in the Missumessus genus. Apparently the old Misumena genus has blown up. Note it has none of the red sidewall streaks.

This is a male. Possibly also Missumessus. Note the marked sexual differences. And those excellent spiny long legs.