Six-spotted Fishing Spider Dolomedes triton

Also known as the Shoreline Spider. There are no official common names for most spiders. But the fishing spiders are distinctive enough to warrant this name whenever the spider guys get around to it. This one used to be D. sexpunctatus so I assume they wanted to focus on the six spots in each row down its abdomen. Fair enough.

This is a big striking spider. It is likely in every US state. Though if you ask people if they have ever seen a spider running over the water and grabbing minnows, not many could admit to having seen this. That is indeed a fish in the fangs of this one. I missed the kill and found it in the reeds just so, propped by a line of web behind it. There are nine species of Dolomedes in the US.

They must vary significantly from greenish to the above blackish. This smaller version was on a wet rut in Camp Robinson holding very still. I cannot imagine there were ever fish in this road rut so they must eat other aquatic creatures as well.

Intermediate color form I suppose, on a clear creek in Petit Jean. This must be full ready detection position.