An amazing Crab spider that I chased from around this hickory bud in March 04. I believe it is a Xysticus species and we have several of these in the east. The matching of the color of the spider and this bud scale still impresses me. I only found her because I was admiring the buds and she whipped around the circlet of this one. Raises the interesting question of how long she had been waiting there. And of whether she understands the nature of buds and the impending leafiness or if she is just predating insects that come to buds. Will the leaves be a disappointment? Did she adjust her color slightly to this perfection? Some flower spiders can shift color schemes but I'm not sure about this family.

Summer Crab that was turning and shifting to track these busy beetles. I don't think she could take them. She may have known this as well. But I wouldn't put it past her. Likely a Xysticus as well.

Appears to be a Xysticus ferox male. Peggy Dorris has about 20 in this genus for our state. So there may be some ferox imitators. This one has staked out a fern leaf in the Perry county woods. Wet and lush area. Don't know what is going on with that left foreleg. The female is greenish but otherwise marked much the same.

A different Xysticus with some very coppery tones behind the eyes. Draining a cat in Searcy county.