Townsendia nigra. Possible winner in the smallest robber in the US contest. Steve Collins located these with some Stichopogon in north central Florida. (Thanks Steve.) I'm amazed he could see them. Closely related to Stichopogon, in the same family, these things are 3 to 4 mm long at the most. Jeesh. There are only five species in the US (two in Florida -- and one of these is widespread, also two in Arizona and one in Texas). Note the wide gap between the huge eyes.

Side shot, note the dark abdomen, orange legs to contrast. The other Florida species has an orange abdomen.

And the Arkansas record Townsendia. From the far NE corner of the state along a sandy river shoreline. Found in scattered states in the east generally and may be under-reported because of the very small size. Hard to believe they are predators when you see them.

And the Buffalo river colony Norm found in 2009 with Cheryl of course. Near sandy areas on the river.