Key to the Saropogon of the United States



This key was created from Wilcox's article from 1966 "New Species and a key to the species of Saropogon Loew". Names updated where necessary. Includes all current North American species.



1  Scutellar bristles absent or short, not more than half the length of the scutellum


1 Scutellar bristles present, at least as long as scutellum





2  Scutellar bristles absent; abdomen dark reddish; legs pale reddish yellow; wings luteous, with gray tips; length 12mm (TX MX)

                                                                          solus Bromley (males)


2 Scutellar bristles present; male abdomen black, female abdomen reddish





3  Disc of scutellum with short spines, posterior margin with 8 to 10 spines; mesonotum and pleura largely bare and posterior margin of scutellum bare of pollen; male legs black, female legs red; length 9-12mm (TX)

                                 abbreviatus Johnson


3 Disc of scutellum bare, four short marginal bristles; mesonotum, pleura and scutellum wholly grayish pollinose; legs black, hind femora of female and sometimes male reddish; length 10-12mm (MX AZ)

                                                senex Osten Sacken




4  Abdomen wholly or largely black



4 Abdomen largely reddish or yellowish





5  Bristles of coxae black


5 Bristles of coxae white or yellow





6   Two scutellar bristles;  male abdomen and legs black; hind femora largely and middle femora, in part, reddish; wings short broad brown; female head, mesonotum and coxae densely deep gold pollinose; abdomen and legs almost wholly yellowish red; length 11-13mm (AZ MX)


purus Curran


6  Four scutellar bristles; male legs dark reddish brown; length 13-10mm (TX NE CO OK KS NM)

combustus Loew (males)




7  Scutellum with four marginal bristles


7 Scutellum with two marginal bristles





8  Male wings brown; female wings yellowish; mesonotum black in male, brown in female; male legs black, tibiae and tarsi brownish, female legs reddish, fore and middle femora blackish dorsally; length 20-23mm (TX OK)

                                                                                 dispar Coquillett


8 Wings hyaline; mesonotum yellowish or brownish gray pollinose legs reddish, tips of tibiae and tarsi blackish; length 14-16mm (TX)

                           laparoides Bromley





Legs uniformly reddish; palpi black; wings brown; length 20-23mm (OK TX)


pritchardi Bromley (both sexes)


9 Femora black above; base of palpi black, segment 2 reddish; wings amber colored, apex broadly infuscated; length 27mm (OK)

    birdi Curran (females)






10  Wings hyaline


10 Wings blackish, brownish or yellowish






11  Scutellum with four marginal bristles


11 Scutellum with two marginal bristles






12  Anterior corners of abdominal segments 2-6 and sometimes anterior margins black, posterior corners gray pollinose; basal half or more of male femora black, female legs yellowish; wings grayish apically and sometimes yellowish anteriorly; length 14-16mm (AZ NM MX TX)

coquilletti Back


12 Anterior corners of abdominal segments 4-5 or 4-6 with black spots, posterior corners of 2-4 gray pollinose; legs yellowish in both sexes, sometimes male femora black basally; wings hyaline; length 10-13mm (AZ CA NV UT MX)


mohawki Wilcox




13 Mesonotum densely yellowish gray pollinose, central stripe and small intermediate spots indistinctly brown; male face light yellowish, frons white, occiput gray pollinose, female frons and occiput centrally may be yellowish; abdomen yellowish, sides of segment 1 and posterior corners of 2-5 white pollinose; legs yellowish; length 13-17mm (CA)

hyalinus Coquillett


13 Mesonotum whitish pollinose






14  Pleura anteriorly with a large shining black spot; male femora yellowish red, tibiae and tarsi black; posterior corners of male abdominal segments 2-5, female 2-4, white pollinose; female legs yellowish; length 12-14mm (NM MX TX)


nitidus Wilcox


14 Pleura wholly pollinose





15  Male legs black except tips of femora, female legs reddish; pollen of face, mesonotum, and pleura with a golden cast; mesonotal setae golden; antenna brown; about 20 bristles in mystax; posterior corners of abdominal segments 2-5 whitish pollinose, sometimes absent in male; length 8-10mm (CA AZ MX)


                                                           semiustus Coquillett


15 Legs reddish in both sexes; pollen of face, mesonotum, and pleura white; mesonotal setae white; antennae yellowish; about 30 bristles in mystax; posterior corners of abdominal segments 2-5 white pollinose in both sexes; length 9-14mm (CA AZ Baja)


                                                        albifrons Back





16  Two scutellar bristles




16 Four scutellar bristles





17  Wings slender, yellowish along the veins, face golden pollinose, male frons white, female yellowish or white; abdomen reddish slender with gray pollinose spots on the posterior corners; length 11-17mm (CA Baja)


luteus Coquillett (both sexes)


17 Wings broad brown; face and frons yellowish pollinose; abdomen broad reddish, without pollinose markings; some specimens with four scutellar bristles; length 11-13mm (AZ MX)


purus Curran (females)





18  Femora at least with a black stripe basally; male wings brown; female wings lighter




18 Legs wholly reddish






19  Male femora and sometimes tibiae black, female femora black basally or with a black dorsal stripe; male face and frons white pollinose, female golden with ocellar tubercle and area around it white; mesonotum yellowish gray pollinose, the divided central stripe brown; length 17-23mm (NM TX)


hypomelas Loew


19 Femora in both sexes with black dorsal stripe; face and frons golden pollinose in both sexes; mesonotum yellowish with the broad central stripe and intermediate spots dark gray; length 16-19mm (AZ NM TX)

bryanti Wilcox




20  Large pale reddish species in both sexes; abdominal segments 2-5 narrowly black on the anterior margins; wings pale reddish brown; length 24-27mm (TX)


                                             fletcheri Bromley


20  Male largely black, wings brown; female entirely reddish, anterior corners of abdominal segments 2-5 black; wings yellowish, darker along the veins; length 13-19mm (TX NE CO OK KS NM)

                   combustus Loew