Robber Fly Links


Rob Canning's British Columbia Site

    The man who got us started by sending us the papers for the North American genera. This is what a real insect scientist looks like.

Fritz Geller-Grimm's Home Page

    Surely the world's expert. His site is full of basic knowledge and anatomy and a diversity of Asilid subjects.

Fritz Geller-Grimm's and J. Artigas' Catalog of Neartic Species

   Site with the full list of almost 1100 nearctic species. With keys to major groups and genera. Also Lavigne's predator-prey database link from their page is here.

Norm Laver's Crowley's Ridge Site

   Handsome site from the Arkansas robber expert who is likely the first person to ever point at a robber and tell me that is what it was. I think it was a Laphria lata. Quite a bit of information and photos here.

Roy Beckemeyer's Site

    Mr. Beckemeyer's Kansas site with many photos, lists and references. Also a fine Dragon man.

Giff Beaton's Photo Site

    A growing photographic collection from the southeast. Some very fine photos and the robbers are being expertly identified by Michael Thomas in Connecticut.

Steve Bullington's Laphria Site

    Site with keys and images for the large Laphria genus and other information on this specialized group. (Moved to this new link recently.) But some of the sublinks are incorrect. Direct link to Eastern Species. To Western Species.

My Working Key to the Laphria of Arkansas

  Key in process based on the Michigan paper and on information and descriptions from Bullington. Bullington's site above has an eastern Laphria key as well which is missing some of our species.

My Texas Robber Fly list

  Listing of the large Texas fauna in taxonomic order from Bromley's summary and the listed catalog ranges. New names and the Efferia split included.

Greg Lasley Robber Fly Photos

  Expert Dragonfly and bird photographer turns his lens on some robbers.

Torsten Dikow's 2009 paper reordering the Asilidae

  Expert Asilid scientist's new paper on the likely true DNA ordering of all the major subdivisions of the robbers. Significant changes as expected.

For the westerners, a list of the Robbers of Idaho

  Fairly up to date with Lavigne in the lead.

My growing state list collection

  Lists for all states eventually. Based on the catalog and literature with some projected species for certain areas.

A literature summary list up to 1976

  Lavigne and Dennis in the lead.