The Pogonosoma are fairly distinctive Laphriinae. Like dark trim Laphria with bulbs on the antenna. There are only two species in the genus in our area and both are dark and reflective animals that are wary and seem to prefer pine forests. This is Pogonosoma dorsatum. I used the specimen shots here until I got one of these elusive guys to pose for me on a log (see below). They are quick and prefer areas with downed trees. They are Pompylid wasp mimics which you can see better in the shot below. They even flick the wings occasionally like a spider wasp. Note the odd antennae shape and the whitish facial hair which is visible when they are perched.

Shot showing the shining blue-black sheen which makes them look bottle fly-colored in flight sometimes. This is the same color as the blue-black spider wasps. These robbers have a distinctive flight noise which has some metal noise in it. There is a second species in Arkansas, Pogonosoma ridingsi, which I have not seen yet. It has less black in the wings. And less blue coloration.

After a merry chase I finally shot this one in Perry county in May of 2006. Note the shiny thorax is visible and the white facial hairiness. As I said, these things are very wary and fast.

After another merry chase finally a pair from the Round Mountain group that live right around my house. Note again the very black wings and the almost bare thoracic dorsum.