Efferia [Nerax] aestuans female. Without question, this is the leader among robbers that like to land on my net. If I held out my net handle vertically and walked in the Ouachitas I was guaranteed to get Nerax perching on it.

Underside with bug.

Female who took down this Argia moesta right in front of me. She seemed to be haunting this beach edge just for the damsel crowd.

Females dominate my deck in late summer (painted red). This appears to be the first Soldier fly I have ever seen them take. Good sized prey. Looks like a Hermetia species.  

The small and fuzzy Nerax male. Sometimes literally half the size of the Pogoniefferia males.

Nerax male with a fine fly catch. Almost looked like a robber being eaten but I could not be sure.

Nerax male again with a lovely leafhopper at Camp. Always photogenic. I think the leafhopper is Tylozygus.