Here is a big female Laphria lata. Note this one is sort of dirty colored but still yellowish. Scale at the bottom is in 10mm jumps, giving her a size of about 38 mm (40+ with wing length). The hair in front of the halteres (that bright yellow bulb about mid-body below the wings) is used by the major keys to split lata from grossa. Those tufts are all yellow in grossa and have black and yellow in lata. And L. grossa is supposedly always brighter yellow overall than this. We will see. Note the classic flattened proboscis of the Laphria.

Top shot showing the dirty yellow color. I believe this girl had more hair on her abdomen previously. But you can see some hair on the 3rd and 4th segments dorsally. The big species Laphria apila is separated from lata and grossa by the absence of hair on all but the 5th segment, making it look baldish overall. Any hair on apila laterally in a female would be blackish except way up front. These are all monster robber flies.