A Laphria that specializes in prairie habitat. Thus dooming it to a fairly rare status in our area. This is Laphria vorax, the male. And this is from the small patch of remnant prairie in SE AR at Roth Prairie. Consists of only about 150 acres in an island of preserved habitat inside other development but here they are. It is known also from the prairie preserves in Franklin and Boone counties. Otherwise found in the true prairie states of KS NE IA OK.

Note the reverse yellow and black pattern from Laphria macquarti (which will not occur out in open prairie). Reverse also of L. grossa which is generally larger but will occur in open landscapes.

A female specimen shot. Note again the dark forward abdominal segments. And the absence of L. macquarti's heavy yellow hair on the tibias. Reduced even further on the foretibia in this female. Not overall as bright yellow as the L. grossa females which can be strikingly yellow and have denser hair dorsally.

A female live shot from the same area. Note again the muddy yellow legs instead of the sharp L. macquarti leg color.