A Laphria thoracica shot from Bob Barber in Newton county. Big guys in the 15 to 20 mm range with black mystax and beard (that hair between the eyes and above the beak). Arriving in late spring after the Laphria flavicollis have peaked.

Same individual. Shot showing the yellow hair spilling down in front of the wing. That orangish hair on the legs is fairly consistent on all the shots I have seen to this point. Very prominent here. Norm Lavers thinks these are the best bumblebee mimics out there.

A Laphria thoracica from Perry county just above Toad Suck and the first I had ever personally seen. Note again the dark face and the apparently ever visible orange hairiness to the legs. 

And Norm's fine pair shot from north Arkansas. Male smaller and left.

A Laphria thoracica from Ohio from Judy. Note this is a yellow form female. With the first few segments of the abdomen yellow like a grossa form of the lata/grossa pair. As far as I know we have never seen or taken a yellow form specimen here and I get the impression they are more northerly and easterly than our group. Would like to directly compare the male terminus in one of these. The central spot on the thorax of shorter and thinner hair seems very consistent on all these thoracica.