Holcocephala fusca. A hatch located by Bob Barber in north central Arkansas along a creek. I had never seen this beast at that time. And these are very small, goggled-eyed things, only five to seven mm in length. We have three species of these tiny wide-eyed things in Arkansas. And they are very difficult to separate visually. One has a golden yellow abdomen. The other species must be close to this one but has darker legs.

Okay, I found a hatch at Holla Bend. And wow are they small. But when you find them you find them. I saw over fifty this day. Every stem had one and some stems had two. Still not sure if this is H. fusca as well or H. abdominalis. There is some difference in the width of the broad portion of the hind femur. Larger in abdominalis. I believe it is another fusca.

A tiny kill for a tiny killer. If you aren't looking for these, you would never see them.

A Holcocephala calva from the large periodically burned prairie field at Camp Robinson proper which we had access to in June 2010 for the butterfly count. Much grayer species and more elongate than the fusca.

And the same individual in full profile. Note the thorax + head length compared to the abdomen length. And the dark femurs.