The Cyrtopogon genus is a large and northerly one in the US. There are about 70 species in the genus north of Mexico. None were really expected by known ranges to occur in Arkansas. Until the lutatius below showed up. This is Paul Bedell's shot from Virginia where he has found two species and like us now expects a few more. They are mainly darkish, hairy robbers with stoutish abdomens. They sometimes have some reddish markings and often have abdominal spotting or banding. In the west they prefer forested coniferous habitat. We are now watching for other species at least in the mountainous areas of the state. Some are relatively cold tolerant obviously and the southern species may emerge mainly in Spring.

This is the Cyrtopogon lutatius which showed up in a trap on Magazine Mountain in May of 2004. More specimens of this species were taken in SW AR in 2008 but no other species in this genus have been seen so far in the state.

Eastern species in Cyrtopogon:

alleni Back 1909 MA south to GA

bimaculus (Walker) 1851 MI, NH

falto (Walker) 1849 East south to IL and FL

laphriformis Curran 1923 NH PA VA

lutatius (Walker) 1849 MI and ONT south to AR and GA

lyratus Osten Sacken 1878 NY NH ME VT PA NC GA

marginalis Loew 1866 ONT to NH south to MI and GA

pulcher Back 1909 reaches TX from the west

tenuis Bromley 1924 known only from ME

varans Curran 1923 very rare, known from MI and NB

vulneratus Melander 1923 into ME from Canada