Asilus sericeus. One of the first robbers out in spring. Certainly the first robber fly that I ever collected. Net in hand, I marched over the road in Baxter County with my wife back at our cabin shaking her head. Up popped these long red-orange beasts. I took one and then proceeded to photograph many in this open field of flowers (now gone). They were voracious moth eaters. In fact, they went for just about any insect I flushed that day. Skittish when holding a meal, like many robbers, this one seemed proud to show off this moth with the goggling black eyes. I have since had them in my yard on Round Mountain. With its red-black wings and elongate form, this is a distinctive robber fly in Arkansas.

A fine Georgia Asilus female showing the body color and elongate abdomen. Appears to have a lacewing snack pierced.

Bob's striking male showing the dark red wings and the extending genitalia.

And finally a male with an American Copper. Taken in a graveyard in Fulton county where there was a large copper hatch. The Asilus helping himself.