A live shot of Albibarbefferia [Efferia] albibarbis from Bob Barber. Note the bright white two and a quarter segments after the darker segments and just before the terminal bulb. Also the very white facial coloration and hair. Much less hairy than Pogon. nemoralis. The bulb appears generally smaller than Pogoniefferia as well.

We may have several other Albibarbefferia species that have not been documented yet in Arkansas. Specifically, I have included A. bicolor on the list and we may also record A. leucocoma. A. bicolor has a larger male bulb and is 2 to 5 mm longer generally overall. A. leucocoma has a straw yellow mystax as opposed to this white one and is even larger still in the 25 to 30 mm range.

Female of the A. albibarbis with a small prey creature taken on the open stone beaches in Florida. This was the only species on the beach.

Female and male with a twist. Frequently, in robbers, the male will stimulate the female's eyes, or appear to, while the sex act is in progress. They rub the forelegs up and down over the compound eye. Possibly whispering "you will enjoy this," as they go. (Okay, maybe not.)

A fine male with a Halictid bee. On the creek at Indian creek in Pope county. Note the shining white section which the male can display or hide depending on his wing position.