Arkansas Robber Flies

List based on prediction from the April 1997 draft list of E. M. Fisher and J. Wilcox.







Not all species have been verified for Arkansas but may occur based on presently known geographies (see the map list). Subtribes are not shown. The large Efferia genus was split into new genera by South American Asilid scientist Jorge Artigas. This split is still not accepted by all fly guys apparently. I have put the new genera in [ ] under that genus. Underlined species are linked to pictures.  Most are at Some are on local pages. Some genera are linked to images that depict non-local species in order to show the form of that genus where other photos are not available for our own species. List is now updated to Dikow's 2009 genetic division and rearrangement. I put Hadrokolos here in Bracyrhopalinae to keep it with the group but it has not been specifically studied by Dikow. Also Taracticus remains in Dasypogoninae for now, also unstudied.

The Arkansas list is now more complete than several of the other state lists because of the direct observations Norm and Cheryl Lavers and I did over our study years. Some species have still not been seen directly by us nonetheless. See the Virginia state list for another very studied list as well. Also Wyoming from R. Lavigne and Dennis 2017 survey and summary.

SUBFAMILY Leptogastrinae

Apachekolos tenuipes (Loew) 1862


            disfascia Martin 1957

            vulgaris Martin 1957


            aegra Martin 1957

            atridorsalis Back 1909

            brevicornis Loew 1872

            flavipes Loew 1862 2nd iNat

            incisuralis Loew 1862

            murina Loew 1862

            virgata Coquillett 1904

Psilonyx annulatus (Say) 1823 spec. 2nd

Tipulogaster glabrata (Wiedemann) 1828 F


SUBFAMILY Dasypogoninae

Taracticus octopunctatus (Say) 1823


            angustipennis Loew 1866

            basalis (Walker) 1851

            bilobatus Barnes 2010 spec.

            discolor Loew1866 spec.

            misellus Loew 1866

            missouriensis Bromley 1951

            neoternatus (Bromley) 1931 2nd

            platypterus Loew 1866

            pritchardi Bromley 1936

            properans Bromley 1936

            ternatus Loew 1866

            texanus Bromley 1934



            pictus (Loew) 1866

            politus (Say) 1823 Male



Andrenosoma fulvicaudum (Say) 1823 spec.

Cerotainiops abdominalis (Brown) 1897 spec.


            dorsatum (Say) 1824 side

            ridingsi Cresson 1920


            arkansensis Barnes 2008

            glabrata (Say) 1823

            melanopogon Hermann 1912

            mucida Osten Sacken 1887

            puella (Wiedemann) 1828

            rufipes Macquart 1847

            sayii Johnson 1903 spec.


            albipilosa Curran 1930

            macrocera Say 1823

Orthogonis stygia (Bromley) 1931


            bicolor (Wiedemann) 1828

            rubriventris (Macquart) 1834


            sensu stricta

            affinis Macquart 1855

            apila (Bromley) 1951 spec., spec 2nd

            cinerea (Back) 1904

            divisor (Banks) 1917 spec. 2nd

            flavicollis Say 1824

            grossa (Fabricius) 1775

            lata Macquart 1850

            macquarti (Banks) 1917 spec.

            posticata Say 1824

            saffrana Fabricius 1805

            thoracica Fabricius 1805 2nd

            virginica (Banks) 1917 2nd

            vorax (Bromley) 1929 spec.



            aktis McAtee 1919

            index McAtee 1919 2nd spec., M term.

            ithypyga McAtee 1919 spec., M term.

            sericea Say 1823 spec., spec 2., M term.

            sicula McAtee 1919

            species unknown


            birdi Curran 1931

            nudiusculus Loew 1874

Zabrops flavipilis (Jones) 1907 spec., spec. 2, spec 3


SUBFAMILY Laphistiinae


            bromleyi Wilcox 1960

            notata (Bigot) 1878

            ochreifrons Curran 1931


SUBFAMILY Dioctriinae


            formosa (Loew) 1872

            pubera Loew 1866


            albius (Walker) 1849

            brevis Banks 1917

            propinqua (Bromley) 1924

            tibialis (Banks) 1917 spec.



SUBFAMILY Brachyrhopalinae


            falto (Walker) 1849 spec.

            lutatius (Walker) 1849 spec.

            lyratus Osten Sacken 1878

            marginalis Loew 1866 2nd

Hadrokolos texanus (Bromley) 1934

Heteropogon macerinus (Walker) 1849


            guttulus (Wiedemann) 1821

            oriens Martin 1959

            phaeonotus Loew 1874


            cornutus (Wiedemann) 1828

            cruciatus (Say) 1823

            elizabethae Brimley 1924

            mitchelli Brimley 1924 spec.


SUBFAMILY Stenopogoninae

Microstylum morosum Loew 1872

Prolepsis tristus (Walker) 1851

Scleropogon subulatus (Wiedemann) 1828


SUBFAMILY Stichopogoninae

Lasiopogon oklahomensis Cole & Wilcox 1938


            colei Bromley 1934

            trifasciatus (Say) 1823 BG

Townsendia nigra Back 1909 BG


SUBFAMILY Trigonomiminae


            abdominalis (Say) 1823

            calva (Loew) 1872

            fusca Bromley 1951 BG




            [Albibarbefferia] albibarbis (Macquart) 1838 BG

            [Albibarbefferia] bicolor (Bellardi) 1861

            [Nerax] aestuans (Linnaeus) 1763 BG

            [Nerax] apicalis (Wiedemann) 1821

            [Nerax] kansensis (Hine) 1919

            [Nerax] prairiensis (Bromley) 1934

            [Nerax] tabescens (Banks) 1919

            [Pogoniefferia] argentifrons (Hine) 1911

            [Pogoniefferia] nemoralis (Hine) 1911

            [Pogoniefferia] plena (Hine) 1916

            [Pogoniefferia] pogonias (Wiedemann) 1821 spec. BG

            [Pogoniefferia] texana (Banks) 1919 spec.

            [Aridefferia] snowi (Hine) 1919

Mallophora orcina (Wiedemann) 1828 BG


            acrus (Curran) 1931 BG

            clausicellus (Macquart) 1850 spec.

            guildiana (Williston) 1885 spec.

Proctacanthella cacopiliga (Hine) 1909


            brevipennis (Wiedemann) 1828

            duryi Hine 1911

            heros (Wiedemann) 1828

            hinei Bromley 1928

            longus (Wiedemann) 1821

            milbertii Macquart 1838

            nigriventris Macquart 1838 spec. F BG

            rufus Williston 1885 BG


            bastardii (Macquart) 1838

            fitchii Osten Sacken 1878

            hinei Bromley 1931

            rufipes (Fabricius) 1775

            vertebratus (Say) 1823 2nd

Triorla interrupta (Macquart) 1834

Asilus sericeus Say 1823

Dicropaltum rubicundus (Hine) 1909 spec.


            antimachus (Walker) 1849 spec.M spec.F

            autumnalis (Banks) 1914

            erythocnemius (Hine) 1909

            maneei (Hine) 1909 spec.

            notatus (Wiedemann) 1828

            paropus (Walker) 1849

            prairiensis (Tucker) 1907

            sadyates (Walker) 1849 Female

            snowii (Hine) 1909 spec.

            virginicus (Banks) 1920


            orphne Osten Sacken 1849

            flavofemoratus (Hine) 1909 2nd

Neomochtherus auricomus (Hine) 1909 spec., spec. M F

Philonicus rufipennis Hine 1907 spec.M spec.F BG


SUBFAMILY Ommatiinae


            gemma Brimley 1928

            ouachitensis Bull. & Lavigne 1984 spec.F

            species unknown

            tibialis Say 1823

            wilcoxi Bull. & Lavigne 1984 2nd



Genera:       47 (not counting split Efferia genera)

Species:      151