I have been lax on the salamanders. Possibly because I have not seen many since I have been camera loaded. Will try and fix this next year. This absolutely lovely animal is Ambystoma opacum. And this is probably a female. Males are more white than gray. This is a member of the mole salamander group. So named because they spend most of their time under ground or in leaf litter. This one was under a large stone block after a rainy night in November. Much of the egg-laying activity in the south takes place in winter apparently after the fall breeding season. She may have been out after the rain the night before. Lays its eggs away from water and the rain takes over. This one made my day.

Unearthed in 2015 in the spring in the Round Mountain front yard. Very healthy looking for a spring Marbled. And mostly I see them in fall.

Tom's shot of another Marbled. Probably also a female. And this one looks almost purple-gray. I don't recall where Tom found his.

David Arbour's shot of another Ambystoma species. This is the Spotted Salamander, A. maculatum. Early spring breeders, these sometimes have mass gatherings like Tiger Salamanders. From SE OK which is close to the western limit of the range.

The land form of the Central Newt, Notopthalmus viridescens louisianensis. Complex life history but this land form is much less common in the Central Newt than the eastern Red-spotted subspecies. This one came to the front porch on my land in the lights that were attracting insects. We had seen one redder form eft several years ago about fifty yards from the house site. 

Top view of same Newt. 
The fabuous Red Eft form of the newt, the terrestrial form as well. This delicate thing was aso in loose soil near a tree that my wife was gardening around. She kept it for me until I got home. My daughter and I had found one on the property about 14 years prior. I did not have a camera for that one.  
Closer top view of head. You can still see the red spots showing through the base red orange color. Released under my Oak-leaved Hydrangea.