Alligator mississippiensis. A superlative name. This youngster was floating just out of reach in the clear water of the swamp at Fakahatchee Florida. Mama was there with several generations. And they were making these amazing dinosaurian noises into the trees. My daughter spoke back and they answered. This is a truly fine place. Bring mosquito repellant.

This creature has made an impressive comeback. And in Florida, at least, appears temporarily salvaged. Humans should live as long as these ancient things.

An Arkansas specimen. This was about a four footer in a canal in SW AR. Trying to get back to his favorite sunning spot. Protected, but still only in isolated locations in the southern portion of my state.

And the other great water lizard, this one not from AR. This is the American Crocodile. From Panama. Note the zigzagging toothline. These also occur in Florida in increasing numbers. Can grow to impressive sizes in the wild.