Tribe Larrini

1  Frons just below midocellus with a transverse swelling extending eye to eye (interrupted medially) and joining a linear swelling along inner orbit to form an M or inverted U; midocellus in a broad depression




1 Frons variable but without swellings as above; midocellus not in a broad depression




Female: last tarsomere evenly arcuate in lateral view, sides diverging most of way to apex (dorsal view), ventral surface without hairmat; claw not prehensile and without an inner tooth; outer surface of foretibia with a row of three or more stout bristles




    Male: propodeal side densely punctate, shiny; apical half of outer surface of foretibia usually with one or more erect bristles; mandible without inner teeth




Female: last tarsomere angled in lateral view, sides parallel on apical half; ventral surface usually with dense hairmat; claw prehensile (often folded against last tarsomere); outer surface of foretibia at most with one preapical bristle




     Male: propodeal side dull and impunctate; outer surface of foretibia without bristles; mandible often with one or two inner teeth



3  Ocellar scars very long, golf club or comma shaped, long axes of scars subparallel, not exceeding an angle of 70 degrees; pygidial plate present in both sexes and usually clothed with dense setae





3 Ocellar scars oval or oblong, or if elongate then long axes of scars forming and angle of 80 degrees or more; pygidial plate usually present in females but bare or sparsely setose, male usually without a pygidial plate





4  Female foretarsomere II with three or more rake spines which are long and fine; male sternum VIII emarginated apically (bispinose)





4 Female foretarsomere II with no more than two rake spines which are usually bladelike or thornlike; male sternum VIII rounded apically




5  Subalar fossa bordered below by a sharp longitudinal carina; least interocular distance greater than combined length of pedicel and flagellomere I




5 Subalar fossa not bordered below by a sharp carina; least interocular distance usually equal to or less than combined length of pedicel and flagellomere I



Subgenus Ancistromma of Larropsis

Species L. distincta



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