Among the species of black and white hindwing species. Note the strong black geometrics on the creamy gray back ground. This is the Widow Underwing, Catocala vidua #8752. Feeds on several tree species.

Angus' Underwing, Catocala angusi #8783. The dark slash that is broken with the grayish background are very helpful. You can see the very dark hindwing peaking in this shot as well. Feeds on pecan and Shagbark Hickory.

The Sad Underwing, Catocala maestosa #8793. Compare with vidua above which also has the arc on the outer forewing. This species lacks the inner dark markings. Feeds on hickory, pecan and walnut.

The Tearful Underwing, Catocala lacrymosa #8794. Very variable species though those inner margin white crescents are fairly distinctive. It has several forms. Feeds on hickory.

The Dejected Underwing, Catocala dejecta #8790. Notable for the white patch from the reniform point to the wing margin. Not as marked in this specimen but visible. Feeds on hickory and oak.