The wondrous and mysterious Mydas Fly. (Family Mydidae.) Or at least a Mydas Fly. Supposedly we only have one common species in the east (Mydas clavatus) but I find this difficult to believe with the size variation I see here. There are 51 species in North America and most are western. This one was a monster. Reportedly the larval grubs are carnivorous and the adults may be nectar feeders only. Poorly understood biology. Some apparently still believe the adults can make aerial kills as well (even mentioned again in the new edition of Borror and Delong). I don't buy it. I have seen feints but never a catch and I don't think the mouth parts are made for eating "meat."

This shot shows the face which is very robber like. It forays like a robber as well and seems to defend an area.

The proof that the species does indeed nectar. I watched this one probe the flowers with that crooked proboscis. Still no sign of meat eating seen by me anyway.