The Eumenidae are referred to as Mason Wasps because the majority are mud nest builders. This one is harvesting some wet soil now. This was taken in October. This is likely a member of the Eumenes genus. Note the longitudinally folded wings characteristic of these and of the Social Wasps Vespoidea which includes the Paper wasps, Yellow Jackets and Hornets. Presently I think these groups have been fused into one big family.

There are 350 or so "Potter" species in North America. Most take caterpillar food. I don't have the projected list for Arkansas yet.

This similar Eumenes decided to take a liking to the soil next to a rotting pine log in my front yard. The soil was very papery and red I suppose. Note the moisturized ball in the clutches.

Similar species from Florida with the base of its "pot" started. Usually provisioned with caterpillars at the end of construction.