Acrididae (Grasshoppers)

of the Eastern US


List taken from the required Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States by John L. Capinera, Ralph D. Scott and Thomas J. Walker. Subfamily breakdown shown with genera and species and some known information. Any plate and page numbers refer to this Field Guide. I cannot scan or copy images in deference to this new guide which, really, why don't you have it already? Western species are not listed. Some species that bleed only into Iowa and Minnesota are shown. Common names are from Capinera et. al. Arkansas range species have some green highlighted text. By my estimate about 55 species.




Does not include Crickets, Katydids or Pygmy Grasshoppers.

See Katydid page here.




(Shaped like, well, a toothpick, long and slender)

carinatum Long-headed Toothpick Grasshopper




(Enlarged antennal tips)

clavatus Club-horned Grasshopper

(Edges into MN, IA from the west and the plains)



(Thin white antenna)

deorum White-whiskered Grasshopper

(Mostly western but into AR MO IL IN IA)



mysteca Brown Winter Grasshopper

(TX AR LA and Gulf Coastal states to NC)



coloradus Striped Slantfaced Grasshopper

(Western and edges into AR MO IA)



elliotti Big-headed Grasshopper

(Edges into AR MO IA from the west)



auriventris Pale Range Grasshopper

(TX OK KS MO IA AR only)

gracile Graceful Range Grasshopper

(TX OK KS only)



abdominalis Thomas' Broad-winged Grasshopper

(Into MN MI NY in the NE)

conspersa Sprinkled Broad-winged Grasshopper

(In the east, everywhere north of N AR and TN into the southern Appalachians

and the Carolinas, only member of the genus in most of these areas.)



curtipennis Marsh Meadow Grasshopper

(In the east everywhere north of central MO, IN, IL, East TN and NC)



elegans Elegant Grasshopper

(OK TX AR and then along coast to Delaware)

viridis Short-wing Green Grasshopper

(Entire East)



abortivus Texas Short-wing Slantfaced Grasshopper

(TX and into OK LA)

simplex Velvet-striped Grasshopper

(Triangle from MN to AR to MD in the east)



bivittata Two-striped Mermiria

(East, south of line from MN to NC)

intertexta Eastern Mermiria

(Coastal from NJ to FL)

picta Lively Mermiria

(East, south of a line from IA to MD)



obscura Obscure Grasshopper

(Edges into MN AR from the west)



pelidna Spotted-wing Grasshopper

(Entire US)

speciosa Pasture Grasshopper

(All of the East except FL and the SE coastal regions nearby)



quadrimaculatum Four-spotted Grasshopper

(Edges into IA MN MO from the west)



brachyptera Short-winged Toothpick Grasshopper

(Northern tier from MN and MO to Maine)



celata Otte's Sedge Grasshopper

(Entire East north of southern MO and north GA)

gracile Graceful Sedge Grasshopper

(Northern tier south to IL and MD)



admirabilis Handsome Grasshopper

(Entire East south of MN and PA)





brevicornis Clipped-wing Grasshopper

(Most of East though barely crossing the Mississippi River except into LA TX)





granulata Southern Yellow-winged Grasshopper

(Coastal from NC TO AL)

pseudonietana Northwestern Red-winged Grasshopper

(MO to MN to NY)

simplex Plains Yellow-winged Grasshopper

(TX to SD to LA)

sulphurea Sulphur-winged Grasshopper

(Entire East)

xanthoptera Autumn Yellow-winged Grasshopper

(Entire East except ME and Northern MN)



pellucida Clear-winged Grasshopper

(MN to NS south to IA OH PA in the east)



australior Southern Green-striped Grasshopper

(East TX to West TN to FL)

viridifasciata Northern Green-striped Grasshopper

(EXTENSIVE eastern except FL)



carolina Carolina Grasshopper

(Entire East)



costalis Dusky Grasshopper

(Great Plains species into MN IA)

subgracilis Southwestern Dusky Grasshopper

(Great Plains species into IA OK)



trifasciatus Three-banded Range Grasshopper

(Great Plains into IA AR MO)



ocelote Wrinkled Grasshopper

(East except northern tier of states)



pardilinus Blue-legged Grasshopper

(Great Plains into MN IA MO)



apiculata Coral-winged Grasshopper

(In the East, North of a line from AR to northern KY)

haldemani Haldeman's Grasshopper

(In the East, north AR to MN  to MI)

phoenicoptera Orange-winged Grasshopper

(In the East, south of a line from NJ to central MO)

saussurei Saussure's Grasshopper




amplicornis Caudell's Longhorn Grasshopper

(Southeastern TX)

fenestralis Longhorn Band-winged Grasshopper

(All of the East on eastern side of Mississippi River)



bolli Boll's Grasshopper

(Entire East)

collare Mottled Sand Grasshopper

(MN and IA to the NE)

crepitans Crepitating Grasshopper

(FL, GA)

cristatum Ridgeback Sand Grasshopper

(KS OK TX across to coastal VA and NC)

equale Say's Grasshopper

(Extensive west plains but extends into AR IA MO in the east)

marmorata Marbled Grasshopper

(Coastally from LA to ME and then across the Great Lakes states)



kiowa Kiowa Rangeland Grasshopper

(AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, OK, TX)



(Large western genus)

maritima Seaside Grasshopper

(Entire east except MN and N WI)

saxatilis Lichen Grasshopper

(AR GA OK MO TN in the east)

verruculata Crackling Forest Grasshopper

(Northern tier in the east)


SUBFAMILY Cyrtacanthacridinae

(Spurred between the front legs)


aptera Florida Wingless Grasshopper

(adults wingless)

(FL, GA, AL)

sphenariodes Linear-winged Grasshopper

(FL, GA, AL)



olivacea Fuzzy Olive-green Grasshopper

(IA to LA to SC in the east)



pusillus Little Eastern Grasshopper

(AR, FL, GA, MS)

palustris Swamp Eastern Grasshopper

(FL only)

signatus  Handsome Florida Grasshopper

(FL only)



pusillus Little Wingless Grasshopper

(FL, GA)

morsei Morse's Wingless Grasshopper

(AL, FL, GA)



floridensis Florida Purple-Striped Grasshopper

(FL, GA, MS, SC)

osceola Osceola's Grasshopper


speciosus Western Grass-Green Grasshopper

(AR, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, KS, MO, MT, NE, ND, OK, SD, TX, WY)

viridis Meadow Purple-Striped Grasshopper

(Entire US)



marginicollis Cattail Toothpick  Grasshopper

(NE and TX to NJ and FL)


Melanoplus (nine other Florida only species not listed)

angustipennis Narrow-Winged Spurthroated Grasshopper

(In the east MN down to AR and into the Great Lakes and over into TN KY)

bispinosus Two-Spined Spurthroated Grasshopper

(OK to South GA and below this)

bivittatus Two-striped Grasshopper

(Entire US except southern Gulf Coastal)

borealis Northern Spurthroated Grasshopper

(In the east, MN to MO and across to ME)

confusus Little Pasture Spurthroated Grasshopper

(In the east North of a line from AR to VA)

davisi Davis's Oak Grasshopper

(Western panhandle FL)

dawsoni Dawson's Spurthroated Grasshopper

(Northern tier of states in the east)

differentialis Differential Grasshopper

(Entire US except absent from coastal LA to VA and FL)

fasciatus Huckleberry Spurthroated Grasshopper

(In the east, north of N AR TN and VA)

femurrubrum Red-Legged Grasshopper

(Entire US except extreme SE)

flavidus Yellowish Spurthroated Grasshopper

(In the east MN to AR and across to MI in a triangle)

foedus Foedus Grasshopper

(In the east IA, IL, MN, MO)

keeleri Keeler's Spurthroated Grasshopper

(Entire east, except S LA and S FL)

packardii Packard's Grasshopper

(In the east IA, IL, MN, MO)

ponderosus Ponderous Spurthroated Grasshopper

(TX to IA to KY to LA)

propinquus Southern Red-Legged Grasshopper

(Replaces femurrubrum in the extreme coastal SE)

punctulatus Pinetree Spurthroated Grasshopper

(Entire East)

querneus Oak Spurthroated Grasshopper

(corner of FL GA and AL)

regalis Regal Spurthroated Grasshopper

(makes it to Western edge of AR MO IA)

sanguinipes Migratory Grasshopper

(Entire US)

scudderi Scudder's Short-Winged Grasshopper

(Entire east except N MN and S FL)




atlantica Atlantic Grasshopper

(IL to LA and east of this)

clavuliger Olive-Green Swamp Grasshopper

(NH  to TX and SE of this, now into AR and possibly MO)

hoosieri Indiana Swamp Grasshopper

(IN, MI, OH)




nebrascensis Large-Headed Grasshopper

(In the east MN to MI to MO in a triangle)



alutacea Leather-Colored Bird Grasshopper

(Entire east except MN and the NE)

americana American Bird Grasshopper

(Entire east)

damnifica Mischievous Bird Grasshopper

(KS to TX across to DE and FL)

lineata Spotted Bird Grasshopper

(In the east a band across from N AR and S MN to MA and NC)

obscura Obscure Bird Grasshopper

(In the east, N MO to PA and everywhere south)

rubiginosa Rusty Bird Grasshopper

(E TX SE AR to Delaware and SE of this)



vitreipennis Glassy-Winged Toothpick Grasshopper

(Coastal NC to coastal AL and southeast of this)




(Mostly western. Distinctive group with special spines on the hind tibias.

They also have a spine between the front legs like spurthroats.)


microptera Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

(SW AR and E TX across to NC and SE of this)