These are selected films both nature related and otherwise. Links constitute my recommendation. And I only recommend films for purchase that are in the upper ranks of film in general and are worth watching repeatedly. Some are commented on specifically with reference to the link grid.  These are in no particular order. Films will be added as I remember or experience them. If you are purchasing Blu Ray you can switch to BR at the Amazon site, the links are to the DVD format. General link to Amazon featured DVD is above. As always purchases made by linking from this page go to helping the website cost and maintenance. Thanks.




























Babette's Feast: Unexplainably wondrous little French film wherein people do a lot of eating. Involves a sum of money won and a gesture of culinary gifting with performances that just astound me whenever I watch this again. (3X3)

The Beast: War film from the Russian perspective. Russians in the Middle East, where, of course, they had no business. In English and Arabic. Should probably be required viewing for head's of state. Jason Patrick in one of his fine acting events. (3X2)

Before the Rain: A triad of a movie. With human conflict again. And a lovely sequence in the monastery that is almost a short silent movie. Absolutely haunting film. Finally back on DVD. (2X1)

Blood Simple: Saw this film at the time of its release in the 80s and as with everyone else at the time knew nothing about the Cohen brothers and their aspirations. My friends and I were absolutely exhilarated after seeing this film and we knew that this was a directing team to watch for good or bad forever. Long live Ethan and Joel. (2X2)

City of God: The movie that turned this director's career toward Hollywood, for good or for bad. And from the chicken chase at the start to the end this thing is luscious to watch. Nothing like seeing a new Director and knowing you are going to follow this guy for good. (5X2)

Mountain Patrol: I reserve one of my highest recommendaitons for this film. I cannot believe how good these actors are. Cinematography to make you weep. Bleak landscapes in places with truth of the coming world. What a magnificent film. (5X1)

Naked: I still find myself wanting to watch this repeatedly. Mike Leigh's darkest movie. Possibly one of his most personal, though that is a stiff competition. Thewlis' performance is master class. Leigh and the actor's create together and this is one of the great collaborations. The scene between Johnnie and the nightwatchman is enough to make this film worth the ride. And Katrin Cartlidge is nothing if not heartbreaking in this. Died at age 41, she is missed. (7X4)

Revolutionary Road: This movie seemed ignored the year of its release. Why this film wasn't making the Oscar rounds and tromping everyone, I have no idea. If you had your doubts about the skill of Dicaprio or Winslet as actors, it was here laid to rest. They are superb. Certainly Kate was excellent in the Reader of the same year, but there is no comparison with the emotion she wrings from you here. And the few scenes with Michael Shannon, which define the movie, are shattering. There may not be a moment wrong in this film. And rarely have I read critics assessments on any film which baffled me more. (7X2)

There Will Be Blood: Highly commented on elsewhere on just about any movie review site, and Paul certainly took liberties with the book which should be read on its own merits as an entirely different experience and story. Mr. Lewis has been lauded here. And who can argue with the immersion he undertakes. We love him to the end, even though we understand him to be sick and flawed and unlovable. What the hell? (5X4)

The Lives of Others: One of the finest films of the past twenty years. Easily. I don't know where the lead German actor came from but I want to see every film he is in. The last fifteen minutes of this film is an emotional storm. Multiple layerings of commentary on the true human state. The rarest movie: watch forever, periodically.(7X1)

The Thin Red Line: What is it with me and war films? The most contemplative and slowly progressive war film out there perhaps. But sticks with you as experiencing war in the manner you might truly have experienced if you had gone to war. You know, if you haven't. As anti-war a film as there is without telling you how you should feel in any direct manner. Humans should not kill each other in mass. Things go wrong: let me show you how. (6X1)

Withnail and I: If you are British, I can't imagine that this film won't nearly put you down with air hunger. I am not British but still, how in the hell do you get this kind of movie made now? Scary comic performances by the leads. Humor that is not for everyone. But it is for me apparently. (6X2)


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