The Stenopogoninae seems like a very mixed group overall. And there are 33 genera in the family. Many of them are strictly western so I have nowhere near that many current genera shown here presently. Many are genera with limited species with the exception of the Ospriocerus, Stenopogon and Cyrtopogon. Of those three dominant genera only Ospriocerus and to a smaller extent Scleropogon bleed over into Texas at all. Cyrtopogon is mostly a northern and altitude associated group though we have found one species in AR now. And only two or three of the many Stenopogon even exist outside of CA and AZ whereas the closely related Scleropogon do invade Mexico and Texas. We do have the impressive Ceraturgus genus here which has its world distribution center in the eastern US and we have the monster Microstylum with two species. The one shown above sneaks into AR and OK as well as TX. The smaller genera are the interesting eastern portion of this family. And they are diverse in appearance.