All spiders are included here except the jumping spiders. They have their own page. (If you meant to go there then there is still a link to the left here under Salticidae.) All other families and groups are here. There are an impressive number if you take the entire range of arachnids. I estimate there are about 60 Orb Weavers and almost 70 Wolf Spiders in Arkansas.

There are now enough shots here that I have begun splitting off the family sections with their own links. Spider classification keeps evolving. I am using the current North American catalog and the revised names. If you still have the classic Kaston 'How to Know the Spiders' it is still useful but many names and families have been moved around.

This shot is of a Green Lynx, Peucetia viridans. Which is neither wolf nor jumper. It is in the Oxyopidae. It is common in the fall on flower spikes, especially Goldenrod, where it takes just about any insect that comes close. Here it has taken one of our smallest dragonflies, a male Amberwing. Still, nice going Lynxy.