The insect world is vast. Thus this category, this unlikely brotherhood of whatzits and otherwises. Any group contained herein that begins to show itself with a larger collection of images will be split into its own group. And this group will thus diminish with age. As it should be.

There are an amazing number of predator/prey and parasitic relationships out there among the six-legged and their larvae. This shot is of a Tomato Hornworm, one of the Sphinx Moth (Sphingid) group of caterpillars, carrying an impressive backload of parasitic wasp cocoons in tow. (For other caterpillar shots see the Moth section and the caterpillar thumb there.) You'd think this guy or gal would be dead from the packload work or that he would have given up on life already. Perhaps with only one life to live this just seems normal. He seemed to be wandering around and continuing to eat like the world was turning correctly anyway.