The moths are impressively diverse worldwide. I estimate there are nearly 2000 in Arkansas. Many of these likely undocumented. The Hodges list shows 11233 in North America. Jeesh. Of course, not all of them are creatures that we could even attempt to know to species. A large chunk of these are "small brown jobs." Colorful day-flying moths might make up 600 of the local beasts. Still a large list. We will deal with them as we can.

Many are night-flying only. And these can be seen at streetlights and outside homes. They can also be attracted with lights and white sheets. Many species will come to nectar and sugaring traps day or night.

For a huge collection of moth shots by Hodges number please see the wonderful website:


For moths that look similar to any pictured on this page go to the sites and check nearby moths in the same family.