Widow Skimmer Libellula luctuosa

One of the most recognizable dragonflies in the south. Males distinctive in the eastern US. Females are golden and copper without the white in the wings. Loves open fields and is often significantly dislocated from water. Also likes lake edges. Often very wary when perching. Common to abundant in the right habitats.

This is the juvenile color form of the male. You can just make out the whitish markings beginning to show on the outer wing sections. The female looks alot like this only the black wing marks are paler and copper colored.

Also a juvenile male but with some whitening on the wings beyond the dark windows. From Cleburne county in 2015.

This male fooled me. Compare with the juvenile male at the top. Shape of the dark mark is different more rounded and the body stripes are much more accented.

This is a female with darkened wing tips. I think the wingtip coloration is very variable. Also from Cleburne county.

And a juvenile female side shot from Holla Bend NWR. More rounded central wing spots and dark tips.