Variegated Meadowhawk Sympetrum corruptum

A male of this strongly patterned Meadowhawk. Though this is the juvenile coloration and more like a female. The males have red where the females show yellow. And the males also have a red face. These appear to be irruptive dragons which have big years and rare years in my state. Have been shown to breed only recently in Arkansas. Previously thought to be just vagrants. Characteristically they land directly on the ground after a hover and straight drop like a small helicopter. They prefer open grassy areas and paths near water. But can be found in suburban settings seemingly nowhere near a water source.

The macro shot of the true female face and thorax. Those lines and the yellow spots are electrically bright in good light. Note the orange wing veins and the yellow on the foreleg.

The male of the Variegated. This one is slightly atypical with the lines on the thorax reduced. Apparently this happens to some males with aging.  You can almost see the ghost of the lines still. The white spots on the abdomen are reduced as well.

The dry soil was so bright here it was almost dazzling. A rich red male from Point Remove area. Also with the small thoracic spots in yellow.