Uhler's Sundragon Helocordulia uhleri

Related to the Baskettails. These are much less common in springtime. Fly as early as mid March. Note the lovely orange spots at the wing bases. No baskettail in our range has this. And the baskets here have a  much different shape to the abdomen. Can only be confused with the species below otherwise. Our two baskettail male genitalia splay outward. This is a fine spring shot from Bob in Newton County.

Right side of a male Uhler's from Sharp county. In the Rock Creek natural area which is a dragon hot spot.


And David's fine dorsal of a Scott county Uhler's also showing the terminal male structure. 

Sely's Sundragon Helocordulia selysi

The other Sundragon. This is the Selys', (which is extremely rare in Arkansas, now two counties) and it has only the dark spots at the wing base and no amber. Also in the male, which this is, the cerci are scooped from the outside so they seem to splay out more from the Uhler's. This is a fine spring shot from Kelly Chitwood in Pike County.