Twin-spotted Spiketail Cordulegaster maculata

The less common Spiketail in my area. This was taken in the eastern part of the state where it is more likely to be seen. Note the much reduced dorsal markings compared to the Arrowhead. And the body color closer to a Stream Cruiser. Indeed those spots do appear twinned.

Ouachita Spiketail Cordulegaster talaria

The newest dragon on the list for the US (along with the split Least Clubtail). This may be the only shot out there. Found presently in SW Arkansas. Other details are unknown although I assume the behavior must be close to the above species.

The newest shot of the newest dragon on the list for the US. Obviously the above shot is no longer the only shot. From Montgomery County (where else?). This is likely the male as pointed out by David Arbour after Berlin found the one below in AR. John Abbott tells me he had only seen females in the wild at the time he took his shot. Somewhat bolder markings than the above. The green eyes are apparently a helpful feature for ID.

The newer newest shot of the newest dragon...oh, you get the picture. Berlin's shot from Oklahoma, doubling the state count for this species and eliminating an Arkansas brief endemic. Carbon copy of Norm's male.