Swift Setwing Dythemis velox

A thin dark dragon with smudged wingtips and a characteristic wing lock perch position (thus the Setwing name). This is the position. It is tail up; wings down. Side of thorax shows an YIY pattern of black on white (see below). Note the faint spot on the last third of the abdomen. The other Setwing in Arkansas (the Checkered) is much less common and has more spotting on the abdomen. It has an HII or HIY pattern on the side and dark on the wings near the body. Both species love to perch on twig tops and assume the position. This is Charles' high clarity shot.

Shot showing the YIY pattern on the thorax.

Male in perch position over the Cossatot River. You can see the YI and the dark wingtips.

Another Swift from Hurricane Creek. Front angle. Makes it look like a Dasher almost.