Sulphur-tipped Clubtail Gomphus militaris

This is an adult male of this well-marked Gomphid. Prominently clubbed with the dark yellow and black markings there. Lacks the dark reds of the Jade or Stillwater Clubtail and lacks the hindleg spines of the Flag-tailed Spinyleg though the club may resemble the one in that species. The Jade and Stillwater also have yellow cerci (those tailfeathers again) whereas this species has thin curved black ones. Not that common generally. This one is from Red Slough, Oklahoma as well.

The first state record for this species (by photo) from the Okay levee at Lake Millwood. A fine male which apparently was not to be captured otherwise. Previously ranged very close to the western border of AR. Shot from Charles Mills as you can see.

The second county record. Charles Mills finding one in the prairie. Great club detail as you can see.