Stream Cruiser Didymops transversa

Unusual for Cruisers in being mostly brown. It is in a separate genus from the other four species in Arkansas. Flies in spring which is also unusual. Does cruise over water (low and fast) but also found perched low on the ground or on stems away from water while food searching. Females lay eggs by tapping the tail on water at high speed. The first Steam Cruiser I ever found was perched on the ground and it totally baffled me. Those white cerci (terminal appendages) eventually gave it away. The only similar beast in the US is the Florida Cruiser and it is confined to the Florida peninsula (See bottom picture).

Spring 2004 individual with its wings not quite to full inflation. Note that fine hair on the thorax and those odd gray-brown eyes.

Facial close-up. Note how this species is whiter and more gray-eyed than the below Florida species.

Green-eyed adult from Point Remove. Still shows the yellow wing edgings and the rich brown coloring.

Florida Cruiser, Didymops floridensis, from Eric. Yellower tones, greener eyes, more complete dorsal abdominal stripes. Very little range overlap in panhandle Florida.