Stillwater Clubtail Arigomphus lentulus

A geographically localized Arigomphus. This is a spring and early summertime dragon. Compare this with the Jade Clubtail which it can be confused with. The Jade always appears greener overall and has thinner thoracic stripes in the forward pair of black stripes. And the male cerci (the terminal appendages) are shaped differently. Both have the dull, darkish red club. Note the straighter projecting yellow cerci (the tailfeathers) and the whitish segments on the abdomen that will turn greenish-yellow and then darker over the few days after this guy becomes more accustomed to his wings. The similar Flag-tailed Spinyleg has the characteristic long spines on the hindlegs. This is a male and he was taken in Washington county by Bob Thomas.

A superb male from the Okay levee, where Charles is attempting to find every dragonfly in the United States it seems.