Spangled Skimmer Libellula cyanea

Distinctive for those spangles, the white stigma marks, among skimmers in both sexes. This is the juvenile male and he is female colored. You can see the color and pattern resemblance to some of the other female skimmers. Spangleds have a more refined flight, they seem more acrobatic. The adult and fully colored males are the same blue as Great Blue Skimmers (though smaller in size) with these same wing spangles.

Side shot of a true female showing lateral thorax and the wide yellow sidelines on the abdomen.

The blue-purple male. These are mostly open field or border zone insects. More often I find them away from water. No other dragonfly in NA has this spangled look.

And a dorsal adult male shot from the Baldwin's that may be frankly unbeatable. Striking. From Union county.

The brighter thoracic mark may be a sign of a younger male. Note those yellow cheeks.