Pronghorn Clubtail Gomphus graslinellus

The Pronghorn is named for the shape of the cerci in those genitalia. Looks like a Pronghorn antelope horn. Note the bright elongate yellow spots on the 8th and 9th segments. Perches on open ground or low plants.

The cerci close-up shows the pronghorn shape and the "hat over diamond" shapes on the dorsum of the last two segments. Compare with the Plains Clubtail which has no lateral horn on the cerci and has no diamond. Yellow marks on the side of 8 and 9 are similar.

An adult male in Montgomery County. Bright colors. Bumblebee contrast and a very fine club.

Compare with a male from Pope county. Club marking slightly different. Cerci were Pronghorn.

Male from Cleburne county where they were everywhere on several weekends in that county.   

And the adult female in Hempstead County. Not pictured in Dunkle.

And my female from Pope County.