Painted Skimmer Libellula semifasciata

The lovely Painted is wary and difficult to approach. A mostly springtime species in our area, it can fly throughout the summer. Wings are not mistakable for any except perhaps a Halloween Pennant and it has a very different body and habitat. Always makes my day to see these. This one has not reached full color.

And Charles' fine female from SW AR.

And a male from Ouachita county in south AR. Note the larger wingspots compared to the above female. And the more extensive pale veining of the wings.

And the 2017 version on Round Mountain, the only one I saw in that spring. 

Four-spotted Skimmer Libellula quadrimaculata

The dragon which might fool you for Painted. And only known in AR from the extreme NE corner. Its range dips down toward Arkansas from the NE US. This male was shot in Maine on a trip I took there. Both sexes pretty similarly colored. Less golden and far larger wing spots.