Mocha Emerald Somatochlora linearis

The most common Emerald in Arkansas, easily. Though, still, they are always a pleasure to find. I believe that virtually every slow forested stream in my state will be found to have these at some point. And they can even be seen in swarms occasionally. High flying in the mornings and always fast and elusive. I will recall the first I ever netted until my death. That dark and plain color and the Emerald flight define this one without much confusion. The other Emeralds all have thoracic markings beyond just the green and bronzy sheen of this species. This is a male.

The male again from 2011 in Bell Slough, where after the prolonged floods they were plentiful. Hiding up in the shade as usual.

This is the female from David Arbour's Emerald haunt in OK. Not the long projection and you can just see the spike ovipositor that points downward from the next to last segment. Again note the overall dark green sheen.

Female top side from David Oakley in Scott county May 2012.