Interior Least Clubtail Stylogomphus sigmastylus

Common name changed with a new species separated for our area. The Arkansas population is all in the range of the western form and is apparently morphologically distinct (in the males) from the eastern populations of the Least Clubtail. It is a species officially at this time. Carl Cook has been examining specimens from everywhere inside the range of this species. Paper now published.

It is a sprite. Barely bigger than many stream damsels. Fast flier, landing on streamside tree leaves and the protruding rocks of the stream. Seems to vanish sometimes. A beautiful little clubtail which is difficult to mistake for anything else based on its size. Occurs with the Common Sanddragon which also has light-colored cerci terminally but the Sanddragon dwarfs this insect.

Note the ringed appearance of the abdomen. And very green eyes. You can better see the pale cerci here.

Note the size of the human thumb compared to this creature. Pale thorax with thin striping. Relatively long legs for this diminutive dragon.