Jade Clubtail Arigomphus submedianus

One of the four Arigomphids in the state. This is easily the most common. This is a male perched on the Okay levee stones. This is a full color male. In the female the club is more attenuated but Jade's have a somewhat ovoid club anyway. The thorax is a bright flat green and the anterior thoracic stripes are thinner than in the related Stillwater Clubtail. Males have a darker red-brown terminus and yellow rear appendages which do stand out. Jade's are sometimes found on lake shores in high concentration. Likes to jet out from the shore and make a long foray and return to nearly the same spot on the mud or stones.

A female in a fine perched shot from Charles. They seem to favor these dry plant perches which I have seen in several clubtail species. The females, which often range farther from water, especially like a good plant perch.

And Charles' five star paired shot. The classic clubtail wheel.

Another female who is not quite to full color. Natural perch. I did not net this one.

And the freshly emergent Jade. Wherein the whole animal appears carved from Jade. Shot from Red Slough, where initially we thought these were Stillwater Clubtails again. Note the trabecular tubes in white dangling from the shell interior.