Golden-winged Skimmer Libellula auripennis

The male of this species is dazzling orange red in the good light. This male was along a creek in the big Camp Robinson proper. Note the orange stigmas and the heavy vein coloration. Also the male thorax side has two yellow marks like a Variegated Skimmer. Not common in my area.

Male of the species again, just inside Camp boundaries on the east side of Bell. Open flower strips where dragons dominated butterflies on this butterfly count day.

Like the female Yellow-sided Skimmer with less marking on the thorax. Yellow-sides have a diamond of yellow set off by the brown margins but these are close species. Males are markedly different.

Male skimmer with all the oranges intact. Red face. These are one of the dominant species in Florida. This was taken just north of there in Georgia. Note the wider black stripe on the abdomen than in the Needham's Skimmer which favors salt water.

Needham's Skimmer Libellula needhami

The only skimmer likely to be a major fooler for the above skimmer and only a problem in south Arkansas. This is a female Needham's and their range just creeps into the western and southern edge of the state. See Dennis Paulson's Dragonflies and Damselflies of the East for specific details. Males are toughest.