Great Blue Skimmer Libellula vibrans

The swamp denizen skimmer that is light sky blue all over except for the eyes. This is the largest North American skimmer. You can just see the green color of the eyes here on this male. Full mature males have blue eyes. Big loopy fliers through cypress and flood water. They also like slow muddy creeks and backwaters. Are often fearless of humans and spend alot of time chasing all other flying things out of their swampy spot.

The reverse view from my swamp as well. Paler blue and larger than Pondhawk males and Slaty Skimmers.

Male facial detail from Bell. All sexes and levels of development have the pale face. And though Slaty females can have some pallor there is usually some browning.

Male head structure, posterior in a juvenile male. Also Round Mountain in the yard, 2017. 

Juvenile male Great Blue that is freshly emerged in late April. Don't look for them before this in Arkansas. Female juveniles are similar in color. Compare with the markings of the female Slaty Skimmer and the Yellow-sided and Golden-winged. Subtle differences in all of them. Slaty females are smaller and have a brown face. These females often have black tips and/or black bars along the wing edges. Males are less marked. This one is fairly clear-winged. Note the shining open yellow side of the thorax that is not cut across by a bridging bar.